AG, Content Creation & Web Development in Japan


Content Creation

Video Production and Editing

The most effective way to convey a message.

There are many cases where a video is essential for your organization:
- As promotional material to inform your customers that a new service or product is available.
- As training material for your employees to show them the good practices that their job requires.
- As a how-to video to show your customers how to use your products.
- As commercial support to accompany your sales force during a meeting with customers.
- As information material about a topic related to your business.

At AG, we produce many types of videos such as conferences, how-to videos, training videos, and promotional videos to meet the objectives stated above.

Voice-over Recording
A video with a voice-over creates a greater audience connection. AG records any type of voice-over in Japanese or English with its own voice actresses and actors for your videos.

Webinar Production

Distance is no longer a problem.

As for videos, webinars have many ways to help your organization to communicate directly to the Japanese audience.

AG is a specialist in the Zoom Webinar platform. We have already conducted more than 150 webinars.

We support your organization in the realization of your webinar from A to Z. From the setup of the webinar on the Zoom platform, to the production of the live shooting on the day of the webinar.

Product Photography

Essential to sell your products on your e-commerce website and your social networks.

We take studio and lifestyle pictures of your products.

AG Creations

  • 株式会社天乃屋様 会社紹介映像
  • 株式三宅様ソリューション紹介映像
  • バーナフォン株式会社様 商品紹介映像
  • Product Photography
  • 某IT企業様 営業教育用e-Lerning映像
  • 某IT企業様 エンジニア向け教育用e-Lerning映像
  • 某IT企業様 エンジニア向け教育用e-Lerning映像
  • 富士ゼロックス株式会社様 販促映像
  • 某サプリメント販売会社様 販促映像
  • 某サプリメント販売会社様 販促映像
  • 株式会社天乃屋様 製造工場インタビュー映像
  • 某IT企業様 クラウドサービスマニュアル映像
  • 某IT企業様 医療業界向けソリューション紹介映像
  • 某IT企業様 金融業界向けソリューション紹介映像
  • 某IT企業様 自治体向けソリューション紹介映像
  • 某IT企業様 クラウドサービス紹介映像

Social Media Marketing

Making content is good, showing it is even better.

With social media, you can drive your organization's communication in Japan to achieve the goals you set in your strategy. These goals can be making your brand known in Japan, getting new clients, students, or investors, improving authority, sharing values or information about a cause you care about, and so on.

There are so many ways to use social media marketing that the possibilities are endless. An "always on" or time-limited campaign, via one or several social media channels, using brand new content or localizing content already used for other countries.

AG manages your social media accounts:
1. We plan a schedule by your strategy and your budget.
2. We create content in Japanese to nourish your social media accounts.
3. We reply to comments. We will check the content of the replies with you before publication.
4. We regularly keep you informed of your accounts’ insights.

Content Localization

Localization is more an adaptation based on your goals and the local culture than a translation.

When it concerns a video, we translate the original script into Japanese and add subtitles, and/or we record a voice-over in Japanese.

For websites, we translate the texts into Japanese. In addition, we can manage all the development of the Japanese part of your website.

We also localize brochures, and any social media content, such as your profile, posts, stories, videos, and comments.