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Training & Seminar AG provides image and communication trainings
for various occupations and hierarchy levels
to acquire a positive image.
AG hands on its communication skills that are essential
to build trust, to convince and to lead.

Training & Seminar

La formation en Image & communication AG

It is a comprehensive communication training program to learn how to get a positive
image that attracts success and to enhance communication skills required by business people.

Vos résultats dépendent grandement de la qualité de votre communication


Have you ever thought about how you communicate?
Effective communication is not just about precisely saying something and listening carefully to your interlocutors.

Effective communication means talking with confidence and empathy to meet feelings such as sympathy or trust from people you are talking to.

Emotional communication, with different ways to show interest or empathy to people you are talking to, is just as important.

Business cannot be done without cooperation or management. Therefore, results depend not only on skills or quality of your work, but also on the quality of the communication in a team.



To improve the quality of your communication, verbal communication is not enough. Also nonverbal communication works greatly. It conveys a positive image such as confidence and goodwill.

Your message will be even better received if it is accompanied by an image that reflects confidence and empathy.

People are judged in the first 5 seconds by their "appearance", then their image is defined in the next 5 seconds after they started talking. The image of a person is transmitted by the appearance such as the attitude, the behavior and by the voice such as the way of speaking or the voice tone.

A good image is not acquired naturally, it is obtained by training and especially training nonverbal communication skills such as politicians, executives or actors do.

Caractéristiques de la formation AG

  • Original program based on management and communication know-how
  • A personalized practical course by position, leading to commercial results
  • From executive training to manager training, mid-level employee training and new employee training
  • With a lot of achievements and high praise from over 7,000 attendees, mainly from major companies
  • Various speakers provide a fun and effective method
  • In the workplace, after the training, we provide a total support
  • Individual evaluation is done to increase the training effects for managers.

Programme de formation

The image and communication training program is basically composed of a program designed to improve
the four essential communication skills of "building trust", "convincing", "involving" and "leading".

Trust Image and communication program

It is a learning program of emotional communication and image management techniques to give a positive impression that is at the root of high quality communication and trust.

Conviction Successful presentation program

A program that teaches transmission techniques to the audience through a clear scenario, the speaker's passion and clearly organized slides to motivate listeners and leads to action.

Cooperation Cooperation communication program

It is a program that allows you to develop cooperative skills, to raise team spirit, to understand each other, to look for new ideas, and so on.

Lead Coaching and leadership
communication program

It teaches coaching techniques to guide teams and employees to exceptional achievements and to develop the critical communication skills that any leader needs.


At AG, we hold image and communication courses to acquire comprehensive skills to create confidence, which is essential for management positions and globally active business people. With these courses, you will learn the best techniques to attract the attention of your interlocutors, obtain high commercial results and communication skills that lead to success.

  • Target:Managers and leaders
  • Schedule:The program includes 4 courses and is held 4 days in 2 months.
    Please feel free to contact us to know the date of the next seminar.
  • Program:Day 1: Image and communication
    Day 2: Cooperative communication
    Day 3: Successful presentation
    Day 4: Coaching and leadership communication
  • Venue:Freund Mita 808, 2-14-5 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073
  • Capacity:6 to 8 people per course
  • Fee:4 courses / session: 56,000 JPY (consumption tax not included)


Nous contacter par email

+81 (0)70 3523 2720