Event Casting

Event Casting Event staff casting for events in Japan

In order to communicate efficiently to introduce your company's products and services on the Japanese market, or to enhance the image of your company and brand in Japan, we provide staff you need for your event.

AG has more than 30 years of experience in event staffing.

Host, hostess, model, superviser, narrator, MC, presenter, secretariat staff, interpreter, bilingual staff, foreign staff...

If you are looking for event staff, please contact us.

Bilingual Bilingual

Bilingual Bilingual staff casting

Japanese, English, French, Chinese, Russian...
We propose a wide range of languages and nationalities.

Our services are not only available for Japanese events, but also for overseas ones.
Please feel free to contact us.

Overseas Event

Overseas Event Overseas event management

Since 1991, we have a wealth of experience in coordination of overseas events in Asia, Europa and several other places. We take care of the casting for MC, presenter or local hostess.

In addition, AG manages your booth onsite and various other tasks required.

Overseas Event

Overseas Event

Overseas Event

Countries where our coordinators are based:

Asia China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, India

Europe France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia

Other countries
Morocco, Tunisia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, etc.

Planning operation

Planning operation Event planning and management in Japan

From communication plan to onsite management, AG produces a variety of events to connect your company/brand to Japanese customers. Types of events that AG plans and manages: exhibition booths, launch events, promotion campaigns, conferences, seminars, corporate events...

In addition, AG dispatchs administrative staff, simultaneous interpreters or help staff to support various tasks for internal events such as General Meeting of Shareholders or conferences.

Planning operation

Planning operation

Planning operation

Planning operation Talents wanted

AG is looking for new talents such as hostess, host, model, actor, actress, narrator, presenter, MC...
if you are one of them, please contact us.


SMMP Stylish Model Make-up Program

The Stylish Model Make-up Program is designed by Mr. Sugiyama who is a teacher in a make-up school and an active professional make-up artist. It is a full-fledged make-up lesson where you can learn skills that you can use right away according to various situations such as promotional photo, audition, shooting and stage production. This service will help you to have a better chance for succeeding your next auditions or promotional photos.

ヘアメイクアップアーティスト 杉山 智明

Hair and make-up artist Tomoaki Sugiyama As a hair and make-up artist, he works a lot in the fields of photography and video. In addition, as a hair and make-up instructor, he teaches often at a hair and make-up school.

Lesson Program:

Make-up to make your modeling portfolio, to bring out your natural beauty and to be fit for any purpose.


Only on Monday. When you request, we will schedule the day when we will have at least two participants on the desired date.


16:00~17:30(1.5 hour)
After completing make-up lesson, those who wish can make a profile shooting.


Initial special price: 1,500 JPY, second lesson or more: 2,500 JPY per lesson, 4 lessons: 8,000 JPY.


Up to 4 people per lesson.

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