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Message from AG's Global Business Manager:

"The young Japanese generation is more attracted to Europe than any other part of the world.

Education in Europe teaches universal values and is among the best in the world.

From outside Japan, it is hard to imagine the difficulties some Japanese students have with foreign languages.

Therefore, it is reasonable to think that content in Japanese is more likely to attract their attention.

At AG, we wish to bring European education closer to Japanese students, regardless of their age, level, or field of study."

Jean-Guillaume Brasseur

Website in Japanese

A website in Japanese will improve the visibility of your institution in Japan.

At AG, we can build your Japanese web page from scratch or localize your existing website for the Japanese market.

More Japanese students will be willing to visit and trust your website once it is in Japanese and it will appear on Japanese search engines.

Social Media Management

As for a website, your social media accounts will be able to reach more Japanese students if their content is in Japanese.

To feed your social media channels, at AG, we create engaging content in Japanese (videos, photos, illustrations, texts) so that your institution has better chances of being seen and recognized by Japanese students.

AG manages your social media accounts:
1. We plan a schedule by your strategy and your budget.
2. We create content in Japanese to nourish your social media accounts.
3. We reply to comments in Japanese, English or French. We will check the content of the replies with you before publication.
4. We regularly keep you informed of your accounts’ insights.

Localization of an Existing Account
You already have social media accounts in other languages than Japanese; you can use the content you have already shared or prepared for other countries and localize it for a Japanese audience.

Testimonial Videos with Alumni

A video with Japanese alumni will allow your institution to gain authority in Japan.

Sharing the experience of your past Japanese students is the best way to inspire future students and give them the confidence to attend your institution.

It can take the form of an interview, a testimony, or a video showing the daily life of one of your former students in her/his job.

Subtitles and Voice-over in Japanese
You already have a video made in English promoting your institution; you can still use it for the Japanese audience by adding Japanese subtitles or changing the voice-over to Japanese.

At AG, we translate the video’s script and add Japanese subtitles and/or a Japanese voice-over that we record with our voice actresses and actors.

Online Fair

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